We buy collections worldwide
What we do

We love buying Elvis collections; big or small we buy them all!

In the course of buying collections we generate loads of doubles or items we don’t collect. Because of this we are able to offer these items on our eBay sales at very low start prices, with no reserves – ever.

We’ve all been ripped off by dealers who tell us 'that’s really rare' and then proceed to extract top money for items, only for us to learn that the items aren’t that rare and we have paid too much money! Our view is: ‘What it makes on our sales is what it’s worth – plain and simple.'

We believe that we offer all Elvis fans an honest and reliable way in which to build and enhance their Elvis collections.

If you have Elvis items to sell please contact us. We always purchase with the utmost confidentiality and integrity, delivering 100% customer service in the process.